How to Effectively Migrate to a New Website Host

Migrating your website to a new host doesn’t need to be painful. Follow these best practices for a seamless transition:

Choose a Provider

  • Assess needs – resources, support, features, reliability etc.
  • Get plan recommendations – current usage plus growth room.
  • Read reviews and test performance.
  • Confirm flexible contract terms.

Backup Your Site

  • Backup all website files, databases, email, and other assets locally and in cloud storage.
  • Request a full cPanel account backup from your current host.

Point DNS

  • Set your domain’s nameservers to new host’s nameservers to direct traffic.
  • Lower old host’s TTL for faster propagation. This may temporarily affect email delivery.

Transfer Files

Upload site files and databases to new hosting account via cPanel, FTP/SFTP, or host’s migration tools.

Update Settings

  • Configure email accounts on the new email server.
  • Update database connection settings in CMSs and applications.
  • Change license keys, payments integrations, and other dependencies.

Verify Performance

  • Test speed, responsiveness, and functionality across pages.
  • Submit a page to Google Search Console and verify indexing.
  • Monitor rankings closely the first 1-2 weeks for anomalies.

With preparation and care, migrating hosts can be a smooth process minimizing downtime.

Our Free Migration Services

At Wild Web Hosting & Designs, our experts handle the technical details of migrating your site so you can focus on business.

Our free migration services include:

  • Full site and email backup from your current host
  • Moving your files and databases to our servers
  • Configuring DNS settings seamlessly
  • Optimizing performance for your new environment
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure a successful transition

Switch your hosting risk-free with our guaranteed smooth migration process!


Following proven best practices helps ensure changing web hosts goes smoothly with minimal downtime or issues. Let our experienced team handle the migration details, so you can get back to business quickly.

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