Business Start-up Bundle

The Business Start-up bundle is for Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners who needs a website for their business.  You will get a 1 page website, Web Hosting and a Domain name and much more in one bundle. Perfect for those who cannot afford expensive web designer. We design World class websites. Modern and fast mobile responsive sites.

Benefits of the Business Start-up Bundle

 Our aim in 2022 is to help Entrepreneurs, Small Business and SME’S to get their businesses on the world wide web. 

With major economic issues South Africa is facing, including high crime rates, and job losses and covid 19 restrictions many businesses are suffering. 

There was never a better time to get your business online than today.

Web designers can cost thousands. Web hosting and domains is essential for your business which can also be very expensive, and it’s the major reason stopping small businesses from getting their businesses online. 

We have the solution for you. Get our Business Start-up bundle for only R350.00 per month. Save lots of money on Web designer cost and hosting costs. 

 We want to get as many Businesses online as possible. We make your website work for you. 

Having a website makes your business look more credible, with your own professional email address as well. 

Get started today!

Click the link below which takes you to our business WhatsApp and chat with us now regarding your business’s needs.