Don’t waste your money on a website that won’t generate leads or sales!

How much money are you wasting on your cheap website?

You might think that you’re getting a great deal on your website by going with a cheap, low-cost option.

But the truth is, you’re likely wasting your money. Here’s why. A cheap website will not be designed well This means it will be difficult for visitors to use and navigate, which will ultimately lead to fewer sales or leads.

 A cheap website will not be optimised for search engines, meaning your potential customers will have a harder time finding you online. A cheap website is more likely to have technical problems that can cost you even more money to fix down the road. A cheap website reflects poorly on your business as a whole – it makes you look unprofessional and like you don’t care about your online presence. In the end, a cheap website just isn’t worth the risk or hassle – it’s better to invest in a quality site that will help grow your business for years to come. So if you’re thinking about skimping on your website, think again! It could end up costing you much more than you bargained for.

A web designer creates all the visual elements on a web page such as page layout, colour schemes, text and content formatting.

A web designer also mixes their traditional design skills like styling and layout design with technologies like HTML and CSS to create visually appealing website pages that display on the web.

We use these design elements to improve your ranking on popular search engines so that you can attract new clients to your business.

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