7 Reasons You Need a Professional Email Address

Your business email communicates a lot about your brand. Using a generic @gmail.com or @hotmail.com address hurts credibility. Here’s why you need professional email:

1. Looks More Legitimate

An email like info@yourcompany.com establishes you as a serious, official business rather than an amateur operation.

2. Strengthens Your Brand

A branded email based on your domain ties into your website and reinforces recognition of your company name.

3. Improves Trust

Customers feel more comfortable emailing a business address versus a public service like Gmail which seems ad-supported or temporary.

4. Adds Credibility

Professional email lends legitimacy and makes your outreach more likely to be opened, read and acted on.

5. Reflects Quality

A premium email address conveys quality and stability. Customers expect established brands to use professional emails.

6. Builds Employee Pride

Having a proper company email versus a public one boosts employee pride and productivity in their roles and communication.

7. Sets You Apart

Using your brand’s domain for email stands out from competitors using generic public addresses.

In short, a professional email enables your communication to reinforce your brand, building trust and recognition.

We Can Set Up Your Email

At Wild Web Hosting and Designs, we can set up fully managed business email accounts tailored for your domain.

Benefits of our email services include:

  • Simple creation of professional addresses
  • Reliable enterprise-grade servers
  • Robust security and antispam protection
  • Integrated calendars, contacts and more
  • Access from any device – web, desktop, or mobile
  • Easy customization with your domain
  • Scales to support your growing needs

Claim your professional email now!


Don’t let unbranded public email accounts undermine trust and credibility with customers. Partner with us to seamlessly set up customized business email tailored for your domain and brand.

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