Boost Your Facebook Business Page with These Organic Marketing Tactics

As organic reach continues to decline, simply creating a Facebook business page is no longer enough. You need active organic marketing strategies to get content seen.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the latest organic tactics to maximize your Facebook presence, reach new audiences, and turn followers into customers.

Let’s dive in!

Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Before organic marketing, first set up your page properly:

  • Complete page details – Fill out descriptions, contact info, location, hours, story etc.
  • Optimize visuals – Upload a quality cover photo and profile picture that reflect your brand.
  • Link website – Integrate your site so visitors can easily navigate to it.
  • Install Facebook pixel – This enables retargeting audiences who interact with your page.
  • Enable messaging – Make it easy for visitors to contact you directly via Messenger.
  • Claim username – Secure a username matching your business name for vanity URL.
  • Create page roles – Assign admins, editors, moderators to manage your presence.

With a polished, professional page in place, it’s time to drive growth through organic marketing tactics.

Produce Engaging Content

Posting valuable content is crucial for organic reach and engagement. Focus on:

  • Educational content – How-tos, guides, tips, and insights from your expertise. Offer value.
  • Behind-the-scenes – Give fans an inside look at your team, workplace, processes, events.
  • Explainers – Break down complex topics or articulate your mission clearly.
  • Interviews/Q&As – Discuss insights from thought leaders, employees and partners.
  • Listicles – “Top 10” lists and roundups resonate extremely well, especially visually.
  • User-generated – Photos, comments, stories, and videos created by customers.
  • Build anticipation – Share teasers, previews, and “stay tuned” messages to build excitement.
  • Optimization – Use relevant keywords, hashtags, captions, and image alt text.

Leverage Facebook Tools

  • Facebook Reels – Produce fun, engaging short videos using music and effects about your brand.
  • Live video – Stream Q&As, tips, behind the scenes, and event coverage.
  • Stories – Post ephemeral updates using photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and text.
  • Guides – Create step-by-step resources and collections around your expertise.
  • Events – Promote special events to drive local engagement and sales.
  • Lead ads – Create lead gen campaigns with compelling offers to capture contacts.
  • Page posts – Traditional posts are still one of the best ways to engage fans organically.

Strategically Engage Followers

Growing your audience takes consistent community-building:

  • Reply quickly – Respond to all comments, questions, and messages. Be helpful and friendly.
  • Foster conversations – Ask thoughtful questions to spark dialogue in comments.
  • Give exclusive value – Consider special content, deals, or access only for page followers.
  • Leverage influencers – Partner with relevant influencers to broaden your reach.
  • Promote user content – Repost and engage with customers’ user generated content.
  • Send notifications – Notify followers of new posts and live videos to boost visibility.
  • Run contests/giveaways – Increase shares and followers by promoting prize drawings.
  • Sell in an authentic way – Don’t overtly pitch. Share valuable content that leads to natural conversions.

Reach New Audiences with Paid Ads

Small investments in Facebook ads give great ROI expanding your reach:

  • Page likes campaign – Grow followers by promoting your page to lookalike audiences.
  • Lead generation – Create lead ad campaigns with offers in exchange for contact information.
  • Catalog sales – Promote specific products from your catalog to purchase-focused groups.
  • Launch awareness – Spread news of a new product, service or initiative via video and image ads.
  • Event promotion – Drive event signups and attendance with targeted local ads.
  • Retargeting – Remarket to past site visitors, previous live video viewers, etc.

Start small, track results closely, and scale up high performing campaigns.

Analyze Metrics and Optimize Efforts

Consistently evaluate performance through Facebook Insights:

  • Reach – How many unique accounts viewed your content.
  • Impressions – Total number of times page content was displayed.
  • Engagement rate – Likes, comments, clicks, shares divided by reach.
  • Follower growth – New page likes shows you’re reaching new audiences.
  • Consumption – How much of your video and livestream content is being viewed.
  • Link clicks – Monitor landing page traffic referred from Facebook.

Use insights to double down on top performing content and tactics. Kill what doesn’t resonate. Stay agile.

Showcase Your Facebook Presence

Once you build an engaged following, promote it everywhere:

  • Link Facebook page prominently on your website
  • Promote it in email signatures and print materials
  • Create social share buttons for site content
  • Share page with employees to expand reach
  • Promote in other social media accounts
  • Run social media giveaways requiring page likes

With an effective organic marketing strategy, your Facebook page can pay dividends attracting and converting new customers.

What organic marketing tactics have you found most effective? Share your insights in the comments below!

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