Essential Tips for Drastically Improving Your Website Speed

Your website speed has a huge impact on conversions, SEO, and user experience. Faster sites lead to more sales and lower bounce rates. Here are tips to significantly improve speed:

1. Choose a Reliable Web Host

A hosting provider using outdated servers or overloaded plans will cripple your site speed. Choose one offering modern technology like NVMe SSD storage.

2. Optimize Images

Unoptimized images account for most of your page weight. Compress and resize photos plus serve optimized formats.

3. Enable Caching

Caching stores pages in a temporary, ready-to-serve state. Subsequent requests are much faster until the cache clears.

4. Minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML

Minification removes unneeded whitespace and formatting to reduce file size without affecting functionality.

5. Lazy Load Non-Essential Resources

Lazy loading only loads images, ads and other assets when needed instead of all at once.

6. Eliminate Redirects

Avoid unnecessary redirects which require additional round trips and delays. Every redirect impacts speed.

7. Configure Server for Performance

Tweaking your server stack (Linux, Nginx, PHP etc) and limiting concurrent requests can optimize throughput.

8. Enable GZIP Compression

GZIP shrinks text file sizes by up to 70% by applying compression. This speeds up transfer times.

9. Use a CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) distributes site files globally so visitors download assets from nearby locations.

10. Monitor and Address Bottlenecks

Use speed testing tools to measure real-world experience. Track down and eliminate slow elements.

Improving speed requires a holistic approach across hosting, code, media, caching, redirects, and more. But the payoff in user experience is well worth the effort.

Let Us Handle Speed Optimization

At Wild Web Hosting & Designs, speed and performance optimization are baked into every website we create and every hosting plan we offer.

Benefits of our speed-focused services include:

  • Building sites with fastest page load times
  • Hosting infrastructure using NVMe SSDs
  • LiteSpeed caching pre-configured
  • CDN enabled by default
  • Image optimization and lazy loading
  • Regular performance monitoring
  • Identifying and addressing bottlenecks

We would love to evaluate your current website speed and provide an action plan for achieving much faster page loads. Faster speed equals more conversions!


With multiple factors impacting performance, improving website speed can seem daunting. Our team of experts makes it easy by handling every aspect from development best practices to server configuration. Partner with us to deliver a lightning fast website your visitors will love.

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