Is Your Website Working Against Your Small Business?

Over the years, I’ve seen how a poorly designed, outdated, or even non-existent website can actually work against you rather than help grow your business.

Trust me, I know how frustrating website issues can be – pages that load slowly, confusing navigation, forms that don’t convert, lack of mobile optimization…it goes on and on.

These problems drag you down. Bad web design hurts your credibility, visibility, and ability to generate leads online.

But I have good news! My team and I can help.

We are experts in creating custom designed websites tailored specifically for helping SMBs like yours thrive online.

Let me walk you through the benefits and exactly how we can solve your website woes…

Your Website Should Be an Asset – Not a Liability

Your website represents a tremendous opportunity to build trust, share your brand story, engage customers and generate new business online.

But most SMB sites I see fall painfully short of their potential. They are often:

  • Slow and clunky
  • Filled with distractions
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Generic and unbranded
  • Unoptimized for lead gen
  • Littered with technical errors

These issues drive visitors away rather than convert them. Your website ends up costing you business instead of helping you gain more.

So before we talk about solutions, let’s identify common problems that may be plaguing your site right now…

Does Your Site Suffer From Any of These Pitfalls?

Amateur, Cookie-Cutter Design

Templates make every site look generic. Visitors instantly recognize and dismiss cookie-cutter sites.

Slow Page Loads

Research shows even 1 second of delay costs you 7% in conversions. Slow sites frustrate visitors.

Cluttered Layouts

Too many elements competing for attention overwhelms users instead of guiding them.

Difficult Navigation

If users can’t find what they want easily, they simply leave.

Poor Mobile Optimization

Small text, clumsy navigation and slow speeds ruin mobile experiences.

Lack of Credibility and Social Proof

No testimonials, credentials, or brand personality undermines trust.

Missed Opportunities to Convert

No clear calls-to-action, email opt-ins, or incentivized offers leaves money on the table.

Do any of these issues plague your own website? The good news is they can all be fixed!

Let Us Craft a Website That Supercharges Your Business

My team specializes in building custom designed websites for SMBs focused on:

💡Converting more visitors – We incorporate messaging and layouts engineered to guide visitors to become leads and buyers.

🎨Reflecting your brand – Our sites bring your unique identity and positioning to life through design.

🔥Generating more traffic – We optimize sites for search visibility and incorporate features to attract ongoing traffic.

⏱️Accelerating speed – Our sites are finely tuned for fast performance because speed equals money.

👍Boosting credibility – We add critical elements like customer testimonials, certifications, company bios, and other trust builders.

📱Optimizing for mobile – Our responsive designs deliver seamless experiences on both desktop and mobile.

We handle all aspects of your website design and launch – then provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Here is how our proven process unfolds…

Our Custom Web Design Process in 5 Steps:

1. Strategy Session

We schedule a consultation to deeply understand your business, audience, positioning, competitors – as well as your vision for the new site. We identify your precise goals.

2. Creative Concepts

Next our team explores creative directions for your site, presenting concepts for look and feel, layouts, and branding elements. You provide feedback to hone in on the ideal design.

3. Custom Development

With branding and strategy aligned, we custom craft your responsive site from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No bloated templates or restrictive builders.

4. Launch and Implementation

We walk through your new site together, making final tweaks. Then we seamlessly transition DNS and launch your live site.

5. Ongoing Support

Even after launch, we continue providing maintenance, optimizations, training and assistance to ensure your long term success.

The result? A high-converting website purpose-built specifically for you – not just copied from some template.

Ready to stop settling and finally get the custom designed site your business deserves?

As a Free Gift, We’ll Provide:

A Professional Logo Design

A logo perfectly encapsulating your brand designed by our team using your input and custom colors. We’ll provide files sized for website, social, print and more.

Social Media Graphics

A starter kit of 10 social media posts featuring your new logo, ideal for sharing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sized and optimized for each platform.

Landing Page Template

A professionally designed, brand-consistent landing page template focused on converting subscribers, perfect for promoting offers, webinars, or launches.

These design assets help kickstart your online presence and establish a consistent brand identity. Our goal is equipping you for success not just with an amazing site but with exceptional support each step of the way.

Here’s What Our Custom Web Design Clients Are Saying:


As you can see, we’ve helped numerous growing SMBs elevate their digital presence and attract more of their ideal customers online.

We’d love to learn about your business and start crafting a website that delivers results for you too.

Let’s Discuss In More Detail:

  • Your current website goals and challenges
  • How a new site could help you acquire and retain more customers
  • Creative ideas for visually representing your brand
  • How we can help you dominate online in your niche

No high-pressure sales – this is simply a free strategy session to explore if we’re the right fit to meet your web design and digital marketing needs.

Sound good? You can schedule a consultation using the booking calendar on our site. Or let’s find a time ourselves…

What works best for your schedule next week? I have availability on Tuesday at 3pm or Friday at 10am. Please let me know what we should put on the books! I’m looking forward to learning more about your business.

And if you have any other questions before we talk, feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to help any way I can.

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