Is Your Website Working Against Your Small Business?

Over the years, I’ve seen how a poorly designed, outdated, or even non-existent website can actually work against you rather than help grow your business. Trust me, I know how frustrating website issues can be – pages that load slowly, confusing navigation, forms that don’t convert, lack of mobile optimization…it goes on and on. These […]

How Your Website Design Should Reflect Your Brand Identity

Your website design presents a vital opportunity to convey your unique brand identity. Follow these guidelines for an on-brand website: Show Personality Communicate Values Consistent Branding Quality Photography Convey Trust and Credibility Optimized Conversion Focus Our Brand-Focused Designs At Wild Web Hosting & Designs, expressing your unique brand identity through custom design is our passion. […]

The Importance of Mobile Responsiveness for Websites

With growing mobile usage, having a responsive website is now an imperative. Here’s why you need mobile responsiveness: Reach Mobile Visitors Boost Usability Improve Metrics Align with Google Guidelines Clearly, embracing responsive design is now a business necessity given mobile’s increasing dominance. Our Responsive Services Designing for all devices is integral to the websites we […]

Is Your Website Working for You? Optimizing for Conversions

Beautiful website design is meaningless without conversions. Make sure your site persuades visitors to take action with these tactics: Define Goals and Metrics Lead Visitors Down a Path Compelling Copywriting Prominent Calls-to-Action Social Proof and Urgency Continual Testing Optimizing conversions requires data-driven changes across design, content, promotions, and testing. Take a strategic approach. Let Us […]

10 Benefits of Creating a Website for Your Company

Having a website delivers significant advantages that can greatly benefit your business. Let’s explore the top 10 reasons to create one: 1. Establish Credibility A professional website demonstrates you are a legitimate, serious business committed to an online presence. Visitors will have more confidence engaging with you versus a company without a site. 2. Access […]